Our Goals

We never anticipate to be perfect, but we hope you will join us in creating and supporting future garments that help our people and planet while embracing our personality.

We've been pretty reserved in communicating about it in the past, mainly because we're scared of being called out for greenwashing. But we need to make more responsible choices, so it's easier for you to make them too. In the wake of a growing climate emergency every action matters. You could easily call us out for not being good enough, or not moving fast enough, and your criticism would most likely be justified, but we want to be honest and open about where we are in this journey.

To date we have worked with 3 UN Sustainable Development Goals, Gender Equality, Responsible Production and Consumption, and Climate Action, and committed to the targets set out in UNFCCCNPEC & GFA. The last year has seen us introduce over 30+ responsible initiatives, including a take-back schemerental platform & introducing more certified, organic & recycled fabrics into our collections. Read more in the following pages.

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