Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton

Where does our Organic Cotton originate from?

Our Organic Cotton is lovingly made in a small family owned Certified Mill in Kerala, India. The weaving and printing are all down by hand on power looms and handlooms. They are made in small batches and the yarns are made by hand, all dyes used have passed Oeko-Tex standards.

We also buy our Jersey Knits from them, which are manufactured in India and across Turkey.

Where Does our Sweatshirt Jersey originate from?

It originates from the Aegean region of Turkey. Their spinning house is in Denizli and they always obtain their own cotton from contracted farmers. 

How and Where are they Dyed? 

Depending on the quality or lead times they may use different knitting and dyeing houses placed in Denizli, İzmir or İstanbul. All facilities have to be certificated otherwise it is not possible to give GOTS certificate to the final items (fabric or clothes) All of the facilities (Farms, Spinning, Knitting or even warehouses where the finished fabrics are controlled and packed) have to carry the responsibilities that certification requires. The certification is made by non-profit certification companies like ICEA or Control union.

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